Dana’s “Anytime” Snack Tip

June 4th, 2018 (franklin)

This week I decided to do another simple recipe, though slightly more versatile. This one can be used not only as a snack for one but also as an appetizer for a group of friends or an entire party. And although it’s a little less healthy than my avocado toast, it still has lots of protein and is very low calorie, which is a big step up from many typical appetizers.

-Crackers (pick your favorite)
-Greek cream cheese
-Smoked salmon slices
-green onions

So again, super easy to make. Just spread a thin layer of cream cheese on your favorite cracker- I used cracked black pepper triscuits- but there are plenty of whole wheat and low sodium options if you’re looking for a healthier alternative. Put a thin piece of salmon on top of the cream cheese, and the green onions can other be sprinkled on top of that or mixed into the cream cheese for a different flavor. Another alternative is actually to use the onion and chive flavor of Greek cream cheese, I just didn’t have it available to me at the time. Another great thing about this is that if you’re not a big salmon fan this recipe is, again, super customizable. Fresh peppers, fruits, almonds, and lunch meats like prosciutto are other delicious and healthy alternatives to make an easy, winning appetizer for any occasion.

About Dana

My name is Dana Sardina, and I am a sophomore majoring in media/communication studies at Florida State University. I am currently working as a marketing intern for Franklin Foods. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and working out. Since I am in college and am usually very busy with extracurriculars, it can be very hard to manage all my responsibilities and a social life while still staying fit and eating right. This blog will contain recipes that help my keep up with my nutritional regime, while still being quick and easy enough to make on a tight schedule.

Dana is Franklin Foods’ marketing intern and guest blogger from Florida State University.